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This instructions will guide you through the process of activating your motion bank account and using the piecemaker to annotate a performance cpatured in video.

Register/Activate account

If you received a link to this page in an email, most likely your email has been already registerd in the motion bank app. Now, the first time you access the motion bank system, you need to follow these steps to activate your account:

  1. Go to the motionbank: app.motionbank.org
  2. Enter your email (the one where you received the link to this page)
  3. Reset your password, entering one of your choice.

Join the workgroup (e.g. "Collision")

Once you have activated your account, you need to accept a workgroup invitation to access the media (timelines) associated with that group. The invitation is a link you probably received via email as well. If you haven't got any group invitation yet, ask the project representative in contact with the Motion Bank (in our case Adrián Artacho).

Once you have done both things (activate your account AND joined the workgroup), you should see at least a timeline available to you in the motion bank.

Annotating a performance

In order to annotate the performance, please go to the Piecemaker tool and choose a timeline (e.g. Collision). Here are some motionbank ressources to help you with the process of annotation:

Adding media to a timeline

Go to the timelines page and select the timeline you want to add the media to.

You may also create a new timeline instead, selecting + add Media from the dropdown menu.

Finally, add the youtube URL of the video you want to add. This is the URL at shown in the browser bar on the video's youtube page (the youtube video can be set to public or unlisted, but it will not show in Piecemaker if it is private)