👤 Rose Breuss

Rose Breuss

Professor for movement research & Head of the Institute of Dance Arts at Anton Bruckner Private University Upper Austria

Project Role
ARepresentative for Dance
AArtistic Investigator (AI)

Fluid Roles
A Documenter
A Performer
A Experimentalist
A Theoretician

👤 Kai Chun Chuang

Kai Chun Chuang

Kai Chun Chuang is a dancer and choreographer who collaborates with various artists in Europe. In 2014, he won first prize at the National Creative Dance Competition in Taiwan. In 2015, he was a member of the Taiwanese WC Dance Company. In 2016 he went to Europe where he participated in various projects: cho.reo.loop 2.0 Tanz Festival Augsburg, Posthof zeitkultur am hafen Linz, Lange Nacht der Bühnen Linz, Alicante Intricate Trajectories, Theater //an der rott. With his piece [(sw)allow] he took part in the Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart in 2018.

Fluid Roles
A Performer