What is a collision?

In this modus, two or more disciplines collide. To illustrate the guiding attitude for this modus, we imagine two islands with different cultures, different habits and different languages (body, sign and spoken languages). They engage in mutual visits to each others islands and try to show them their spaces. How can one create a set-up that extracts the essence of a smooth space phenomenon? What is spatial configuration? An empty room, the open field? Which objects are there? Which instruments should be used to record sounds or track motions? Which performers? 


This is a playful and experimental mode, whose output is a kind of Rosetta Stone, on which one spatial phenomenon is distilled in collaboration between two or more disciplines.

Tallis in Wonderland @ Atelierhaus (Akad. Bildende Künste)
„NOW, as I was about to….“ @ Brückenfestival
/spɜm/ @ Linz