Rosenberg Dance Research Festival

Image by: Rose Breuss, Damián Cortes Alberti

The festival, which is being held for the first time at the Anton Bruckner Private University, focuses on dancers from an international dance community and their current artistic research projects. Classical discourse and performance formats are expanded by lecture performances and studios that reveal and discuss the theoretical foundations of dance practices. Contemporary dance proves to be a multiply networked, “nomadic” milieu that is paradigmatic for contemporary artistic creation in its historically founded but underestimated internationality.

Where: Volkstheater Wien

When: 2022-10-25, 14h

Who: Marcela López Morales, Mariia Shurkhal, Adrián Artacho, Rose Breuss, Damián Cortés Alberti, Kai Chun Chuang, Leonhard Horstmeyer, Hanne Pilgrim and Adrián Artacho