In the Choir Lab we discussed the underlying spatial concepts of choral scores from different epochs. The starting point of our discussion was Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna, which we worked on in the context of the participative performance Conducting Spaces at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 2021. The perfomance was directed by Hanne Pilgrim, Johannes Hiemetsberger with “company of music” and Adrian Artacho. This was our departure point for investigations into gestural notations and the emergent spatial effects of Ligetis piece. In the Lux Aeterna score we considered discrete time units to create intensive spatial qualities. We organized a special Lux-Aeterna workshop on the 15th of October 2021 to discuss experimental setups. The next smooth space lab focused on a particular setup, where a group of 16 participants was involved. We explored the 16 voices of the Lux Aeterna piece by a gestural movement improvisation, and captured the respective movements with a MiMU glove using Ableton Live. We also included video capture.

Lux Aeterna Score with personal notes

For more details see “Lux Aeterna Lab”….

Here is some of the output produced in this Lab:

Mut, jede Stimme zählt @ Volkstheater
Conducting Spaces @ Ars Electronica

Lab participants

👤 Hanne Pilgrim
👤 Johannes Hiemetsberger
👤 Adrián Artacho
👤 Sara Glanzer