The TesserAkt library is a collection of MaxForLive devices designed for real-time midi manipulation. These devices were developed in the context of the Fraktale Lab, within the artistic research project Atlas of Smooth Spaces (FWF 640) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Dieses Werk wurde mit freundlicher Unterstützung des österreichischen Bundesministeriums für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport realisiert.



Credits and access

This environement is developed and mantained by Adrian Artacho. The online repository can be found here:


Name Description
Tesser_cmd Launches a function based on midi input
tesser_automidi Similar to 'autotune', reshapes a midi input
tesser_block Blocks CC/Midinotes dynamically
tesser_buffer This device allows to save and recall bits of audio
tesser_cc2note Converts a midi inout onto midinotes
tesser_cc2params Maps CC input onto ranges and parameters
tesser_cc2signal Create a signal-structured stream of midi
tesser_chains Renames midinotes based on lists
tesser_clip2cc Translates midinotes to CC values
tesser_clips Launches clips via midinotes or CC
tesser_cue Aural warnings to the performer
tesser_delay Takes a midi input and delays it by an amount of time
tesser_dynamic Manipulate note velocity in different ways
tesser_fade Fades in/out (increases/reduces midi velocities)
tesser_fractal Fractal Video manipulation
tesser_function Manipulates midi input based on a function
tesser_funnel Maps differently sized lists of midi IN/OUT values
tesser_gate Open/Close the midi stream dynamically
tesser_gesture Extract a gesture from a stream of midi values
tesser_inscore Interfaces with INScore (midi input)
tesser_livescore Score display of midi
tesser_mirror Mirrors midi values dynamically based on a 'center'
tesser_mutate Introduces mutation in a given midi sequence
tesser_note2cc Converts midinotes onto CC
tesser_pedal Specific midi keyboard pedal interface
tesser_pgch Generate program change messages based on midi
tesser_ramp Generates ramp of values for a given time
tesser_ranges Allows/Blocks specific midi ranges dynamically
tesser_recall Saves and recalls midi sequences dynamically
tesser_route Routes midi input dynamically
tesser_scale Scales midi input dynamically
tesser_signal2midi Takes in a signal (audio) and converts it to midi
tesser_threshold Allows/Blocks midi input based on threshold values
tesser_videoloop Live capture looping
tesser_visuals Produce visuals (Max/jitter) based on midi