Dieses Werk wurde mit freundlicher Unterstützung des österreichischen Bundesministeriums für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport realisiert.


Smooth Operator


Alpha is the weighting factor that attenuates the past; a weighting factor for the moving average. The higher the factor is, the more important is the new inputs (akin to shorter window) aka. the more myopic.

Attenuation factor of ALPHA

At every level the alpha is decreased by that factor. (the intended effect is to make the higher orders less wiggly)


The smoothness orders that will be calculated. In the current implementation, its range is 1-9.

Relative Level Scaling Factor

Qualitatively, the higher the orders get, the more restricted is the range. The higher orders, the lower the bandwidth. Every further level, the range is increased by that factor.

Time interval factor

It scale the time interval. It scales the time dimension of the derivatives.


  • make generic, not so much based upon MiMU 🙂
  • hide irrelevant UI
  • In M4L mode, lock in with Live's Play/Stop transport