In Cooperation with:

FAR – Fashion and Robotics. (University of Art and Design Linz in cooperation with the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The cooperation consists of the realization of Motion Capture of a dance solo from a famous repertoire (“Angst” by Dore Hoyer)

The technology used was::

Vicon motion tracking with 6 infrared cameras Vero. The obtained data will be analyzed with the software Nexus (version 12).

Researchers involved:

Julio Andrés Escudero (FAR)

Damián Cortés Alberti, Adrián Artacho, Leonard Horstmayer

  •  Dance as an artistic practice is a multilayered phenomenon. It is a historically specific practice; it constitutes bodies; it depicts expression forms; it develops specific skills in bodies transgressing the dance’s realm. This project puts dance practices center stage to investigate the human body’s multilayeredness as place and source of agency,revealing their multi-layered manifestation in multiple layers of rendering.

Sample of raw date of motion capture:

  • Pelvis 1: Left Pelvis Front
  • Pelvis 2: Right Pelvis Front
  • Pelvis 3: Left Pelvis Back
  • Pelvis 4: Right Pelvis Back
  • LeftLeg2: Left Knee
  • LeftLowerLeg2: Left Ancle
  • RightLeg2: Right Knee
  • RightLowerLeg2: Right Ancle
  • Thorax1: Sternon up
  • Thorax2: Sternon down
  • Thorax3: Left Shoulder
  • Thorax4: Right Shoulder
  • Thorax6: Back, Right Side
  • LeftArm2: Left Elbow
  • LeftArm3: Middle Left Upper Arm
  • LeftLowerArm2: Left Wrist
  • RightArm2: Right Elbow
  • RightArm3: Middle Right Upper Arm
  • RightLowerArm2: Right Wrist
  • Head1: Left Forehead 
  • Head3: Left Head Back
  • Head4: Right Head Back

Sample of cluster notations: 

 Experimental notation resulted from the analysis of the motion capture.