5 Pieces – Dance Cie. Off Verticality @ Brick5

Image by: Brick5

Dance Cie. Off Verticality was founded in 2009 and draws on orphaned yet fascinating archival and notational material from past and present dances to inspire its choreographic movement inventions. Research-oriented working methods situate the ensemble beyond conventional production practices. Damián Cortés Alberti, Rose Breuss, Kai Chun Chuang, Boglárka Heim, Žiga Jereb, Julia Mach, Marcela López Morales, Eszter Petrány and Maria Shurkhal present five excerpts from their dance repertoire. The pianist Johannes Marian enriches the programme. The work of the Dance Cie. Off Verticality is supported by, among others, the Province of Upper Austria, the City of Linz and the FWF-PEEK project Atlas of Smooth Spaces.

Where: Brick5 (ehemalige Turnhalle)

When: 2022-11-01, 19:00h

Who: Rose Breuss, Damián Cortés Alberti, Marcela López Morales, Mariia Shurkhal, Kai Chun Chuang