Six memos for a pianist and a self-playing piano – an artistic investigation of spatial phenomena with the self-playing piano system CEUS by Bösendorfer

Adrián Artacho, Leonhard Horstmeyer, Markus Kupferblum, Hanne Pilgrim

Mut, jede Stimme zählt @ Volkstheater

Image by: Adrián Artacho

Mut – jede stimme zählt is a participative choir performance designed to blur the lines between performers and audience. The piece is written for an 8-part choir (regardless of voice pitch), which should be roughly equal in size and distributed in the areas where the audience is located. The ninth voice is intended for the audience itself, who can also participate via their smartphones.

Where: Volkstheater Wien

When: 2023-05-21, 18h

Who: Johannes Hiemetsberger, Adrián Artacho

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Desire Machine Lab Score

Application of the Assemlage Flow- Interaction Concept to a Dance Score.

Maria has tried to create a dance score that translates the concept of flow and interaction – the desiring machine into the movement. In order to do so, she addressed the anatomical categorisation of the movement range of the human joints:

The joins of the skeleton define the motion of the body and its limitations. Maria has developed a score based on the synovial joints and the type of movements and limitations they allow.

Image Source: Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site., Jun 19, 2013.

T/D stands for Territorialisation and Deterritorialisation (see here)


The score was developed in a frame of a residency at Schiede Hallein in September 2022. The work was presented in an experiemental format during the final showing of the residency and resieved positive feedback from the audience.

Null space experiment: double pendulum and a score by György Kúrtag

Who: LeoHanne

Leonhard Horstmeyer and Hanne Pilgrim conducted a workshop with eurhythmics students from Vienna and Stockholm as part of a “Learning, Teaching, Training Activity” in the Erasmus+ funded project “Eurhythmics in Education and Artistic Practice”.

Participants were ask to project the motif of a double pendulum as departure point for a movement composition “Tenyeres” from Játekók Vol.1 by György Kúrtag as musical departure point.

Screenshot by Hanne Pilgrim

The output generated by the workshop participants can be found here

Still from the digital canvas where students’ works are uploaded (see link above)