Movement and Computing Conference (MOCO’22)

MOCO is an interdisciplinary conference that explores the use of computational technology to support and understand human movement practice (e.g. computational analysis) as well as movement as a means of interacting with computers (e.g. movement interfaces). This requires a wide range of computational tasks including modeling, representation, segmentation, recognition, classification, or generation of movement information but also an interdisciplinary understanding of movement that ranges from biomechanics to embodied cognition and the phenomenology of bodily experience.

The 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing Conference took place 22-24 June 2022 in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Adrián Artacho and Leonhard Horstmeyer presented the SmoothOperator: A Device for characterizing Smoothness in Body Movement.

Who: Adrián Artacho, Leonhard Horstmeyer, Maria Shurkhal