Application of the Assemlage Flow- Interaction Concept to a Dance Score.

Maria has tried to create a dance score that translates the concept of flow and interaction – the desiring machine into the movement. In order to do so, she addressed the anatomical categorisation of the movement range of the human joints:

The joins of the skeleton define the motion of the body and its limitations. Maria has developed a score based on the synovial joints and the type of movements and limitations they allow.

Image Source: Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site., Jun 19, 2013.

T/D stands for Territorialisation and Deterritorialisation (see here)


The score was developed in a frame of a residency at Schiede Hallein in September 2022. The work was presented in an experiemental format during the final showing of the residency and resieved positive feedback from the audience.