Mut, jede Stimme zählt @ Volkstheater

Image by: Adrián Artacho

Mut – jede stimme zählt is a participative choir performance designed to blur the lines between performers and audience. The piece is written for an 8-part choir (regardless of voice pitch), which should be roughly equal in size and distributed in the areas where the audience is located. The ninth voice is intended for the audience itself, who can also participate via their smartphones.

Where: Volkstheater Wien

When: 2023-05-21, 18h

Who: Johannes Hiemetsberger, Adrián Artacho

This piece was realised using the Polytempo format (ICTS, ZhdK) and requires Polytempo Web to run. The following score describes the organisation of the piece and the details of the action score that participants receive via their smartphones.