Events Calendar

Mit Pauken und Paläste
Six Memos @ Porgy & Bess
Vorstellung des PEEK-Projekts „Atlas of Smooth Spaces“ @ Forschungsforum
Tallis in Wonderland @ Atelierhaus (Akad. Bildende Künste)
Symbiotic Spaces: dialogues between a pianist and a self-playing piano
Mut, jede Stimme zählt @ Volkstheater
„NOW, as I was about to….“ @ Brückenfestival
Collision as method for in-the-moment artistic co-creation
/spɜm/ @ Linz
5 Pieces - Dance Cie. Off Verticality @ Brick5
Desire Machine @ Rosenberg Festival
Rosenberg Dance Research Festival
Conference on Dance Research
Video presentation „Six Memos for a pianist and a self-playing piano” @ MDW
Workshops and lecture „Etudes d'espace – dialectic attempts of a Eurhythmician and a complexity scientist“
Dance and Theory – Challenges and Tendencies in Teaching Theory in Dance Education. International conference Bratislava
Desire Machine @ Schmiede Hallein
Movement and Computing Conference (MOCO'22)
Sacrum @ Semperdepot
ChoreographiaInterAustriaca and Altenberg Trio @ Minoritenkirche
Conducting Spaces @ Ars Electronica