In practice any clear and unpolluted configuration can function as a departure point. In mathematics, these departure points are called null-models and we may call the departure expressive spaces null-spaces

Returning to the intensive qualities of expressive space, we recall the mantra attributed to Aristotle: The whole is more than the sum of its parts. These mores are precisely those that cannot be explained by simple extrapolation from the parts via a reductionist approach. Those mores are the emergent phenomena. Those qualitative mores are what we attempt to surgically extract and harvest. 

NULLSPACE DANCE study cases:

\ Dance Groups

Study Materials by Rose Breuss including Jean Paul Sartres theory about practical freedom in groups. Learn More

\ Dancing Motoricity

Dancing Motoricity of Dorothee Günther´s Illustrations. Learn more

\ Dore Hoyer Project

Dance as an artistic practice is a multilayered phenomenon. In Cooperation with FAR – Fashion and Robotics. Learn more

Here is some of the output originated in this Nullspace:

Mit Pauken und Paläste
Vorstellung des PEEK-Projekts „Atlas of Smooth Spaces“ @ Forschungsforum
Tallis in Wonderland @ Atelierhaus (Akad. Bildende Künste)
SCORES | Zwischen Dokumentation, Vermittlung und Kreation
„Dance Groups: Study Materials by Rose Breuss including Jean Paul Sartre´s theory about practical freedom in groups“
Dancing Motoricity of Dorothee Günther´s Illustrations: GYMNASTISCHE GRUNDÜBUNGEN, NACH SYSTEM MENSENDIECK
Dore Hoyer Project
„NOW, as I was about to….“ @ Brückenfestival
/spɜm/ @ Linz
5 Pieces - Dance Cie. Off Verticality @ Brick5
Rosenberg Dance Research Festival
Conference on Dance Research
Dance and Theory – Challenges and Tendencies in Teaching Theory in Dance Education. International conference Bratislava
Desire Machine @ Schmiede Hallein
ChoreographiaInterAustriaca and Altenberg Trio @ Minoritenkirche

Dance Representatives

👤 Rose Breuss
👤 Maria Shurkhal
👤 Damián Federico Cortés Alberti
👤 Marcela López Morales
👤 Kai Chun Chuang